Communication should be very simple.  Babies cry and they get fed.  Adults chatting over a drink tell each other stories and ask questions.

But something odd happens when we enter professional environments. Empathy is discarded.  Natural human emotions and behaviours are overridden by templates and jargon.  In so many cases, the desire to come across as ‘professional’ leads us to speak and write in unappealing ways.  Let’s face it – who actually enjoys slides full of bullet points, reports stuffed with huge paragraphs, long sentences and no clear message?

Our small team have an extraordinary record of successfully re-connecting speakers with their audiences, writers with their readers and leaders with their teams. We work with individuals and their businesses, with leaders, fundraisers, motivational speakers, politicians and influencers.

There’s no rocket science, just three principles that sit behind every speech we write, course we run, strategy we create and article we compose:

  • Be relevant: put your audience or reader first
  • Be clear: make it impossible to misunderstand
  • Be empathetic: people buy people. Often quoted, rarely understood.