Managing your voice to conquer the nerves

The majority of our blog posts focus on your content and how to structure, write and edit speeches and presentations.

From time-to-time we cover delivery, but rarely from the perspective of a public speaking phobia.

When nerves take over completely then our value as speech writers is limited, and we refer clients to people who deal exclusively with this common issue.

In the past we have asked a hypnotherapist and life coach to share their thoughts about conquering nerves. Today, I’m delighted to add insights from Clare Davidson, who works with clients across the world on managing the WAY they speak to enable them to relax themselves and find a new voice.

Clare suggests that:

“The fear of speaking aloud to a group is a common theme for those hosting an event, whatever the nature of the occasion.

People’s nerves can dominate to the point where their body feels tense, they cannot concentrate on conversations, their mouth becomes dry and their throat contracts. This general discomfort can make their communication less effective. The delivery of their speech will not be clear and can easily become inaudible.

When delivering a speech people can speak too fast, or too slowly, to cope with their nervousness. Their diction and articulation will suffer greatly, and they lose the thought behind the words.

By learning to focus on breathing, tense muscles will relax and a person can quickly regain their poise when in a public situation. The tone of their voice will improve and become an attractive feature reflecting their personality, while exercises practiced to promote vocal dexterity will immediately help articulation. A person can then look forward to approaching public speaking with relaxation and confidence, knowing that their diction will be clear and their voice easily audible for all to hear.”

Please let me know if you would like to speak directly with Clare. I would be delighted to set-up an introduction.


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