Coaching and Courses

An image depicting public speaking courses

We can help you and your team communicate better. Wherever possible we tailor courses targeted at improving specific areas (from public speaking to report writing).  What we really hope and plan for is that every session will trigger a ‘light bulb’ moment that completely transforms the way you think, talk and write about your subject matter.

The spoken word

1-1: Alys, Anna and team will help you develop the tools and techniques to give you the confidence to deliver your speech with impact.  Specifically they can help you:

  • Harness nerves
  • Work on intonation, articulation and tone
  • Enhance your script through emphasis and rhythm
  • Memorise and become familiar with text
  • Improve your body language and non-verbal communication
  • Land humour and appropriate gravitasy

Group sessions: Working with small groups in practical, enjoyable sessions to develop public speaking skills.  We’ll work with you on practical steps to improve content and delivery, using video analysis and insights into the theory of the ‘art of persuasion’.

The written word

We can train you are your team to write more persuasively.  These sessions combine constructive analysis of your current work, coaching in the how to make your writing more relevant, insights form the worlds of advertising and journalism and ‘live’ re-writing of existing documents to demonstrate how to do it better.

The art of persuasion

This is an introductory session into the way we communicate.  It covers the theory of ‘persuasion’, understanding that everything we say and do professionally has a purpose. It provides a brilliant platform for more specific sessions afterwards, ensuring that every delegate has a clear idea of the principles behind everything they say and write.

Communication Surgeries

A series of short sessions with a half day or day in your office.  This enables us to work with individuals on their specific challenges and concerns.  It’s a great way to improve everyone’s performance without wasting anyone’s time.