Communication Strategy

Using a keyboard while writing a speech

For every call we receive asking for help writing an article or preparing a speech, we receive another asking for ‘general’ assistance. In some cases this means working with a client to create a communication strategy.  We have deep experience helping businesses aligning their communication with their business vision and mission.

That help can start by reviewing your existing communications, helping define your values or developing your tone of voice.

In some cases clients outsource all their communication to us, including strategic direction.

Please call us if you are wondering how to start, stuck without the right team in place, or just in need of a friendly ear.

Julian Davies, CEO of ‘Earl Kendrick’ put it: “Thanks to you and the team we understand what to say, why we are saying it, and how it is leading directly to new sales. It is also why we have been voted ‘UK Surveyor of the year’ for three successive years!”