A corporate communications strategy meeting

We have extensive experience helping clients across the corporate spectrum. They represent retail, banking and professional services (including Marks and Spencer, Land Securities and Vodafone), as well as a number of public / private partnerships and regulated businesses (like the Highways Agency, the Police Federation and Network Rail).

We have helped prepare:

Audiences, readers and clients yearn for simplicity and clarity.  They want to understand how your work benefits them.  And yet corporate communication is so often  suffocated by jargon and unnecessary detail.

The issue is that we all know too much about what we do. We are desperate to share that knowledge, but in the process we can cease to be relevant.

Great Communication strives to make your messaging as relevant and impactful as possible.  We have extensive experience helping clients create speeches, presentations, business writing and emails that are better, clearer and more human impactful.

We are happy to work on your high-level communications  strategy and messaging, or a single piece of business writing.

We also run  business  writing training and presentation coaching courses.

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