First things first. Great Speech Writing loves politics, but is not political.  As long as your party and beliefs are legal and ethical we’re happy to work  with you.  On that basis we work with politicians around the world including:

  • Two current Heads of State
  • International organisations, covering subjects including global warming, Africa and the Middle East
  • Euro MPs in Brussels
  • MPs representing the three leading parties in Westminster
  • An Australian MP
  • Parliamentary Candidates (with a 100% selection record!) and local councillors
  • Think Tanks

We help politicians, political parties and campaign groups communicate in the most effective way.

Our clients are based around the globe, and range from Presidents to local party candidates and campaign groups.

Clearly, their needs are very different, but each requires clarity of thought, freshness of approach, and relevance to voters, supporters, constituents and the media.

In some cases we help create an integrated communications strategy from scratch.  In others we have written fresh, impactful speeches that have transformed debates and perceptions.

We are always happy to chat about where your communications require some help, and how we might be able to add value.  Our candidates have only ever lost one election at any level, a record of which we are incredibly proud.

In one instance, late in 2014, we took responsibility for an issue-based campaign in North Africa and had, within five weeks, created editorial coverage in three continents, organised an endorsement from a senior British MP and won tens of thousands of Facebook ‘likes’ from a standing start.

In addition to our in-house team, we have access to strategic, economic, political, cultural and religious advisers to counsel on local issues.

Lawrence and Dolan lead every one of our relationships with politicians and their advisers.  The combination of a Cambridge History Degree, an MPhil in International Relations, commercial experience and the breadth of his speech writing clients and their audiences, leaves Lawrence perfectly placed to help develop compelling, original and relevant insights into complex and challenging subjects.

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