Our Services

A communications consultancy meeting

Communication Strategy

Working with you to align your communications with your business goals.  Developing a tone of voice and putting a measurable plan in place to maximise your impact through the written and spoken word.

Communications Audit

Measuring the quality and effectiveness of everything you say and do against tightly defined goals. How far are your communications in-line with your company’s values and your clients’ expectations?  We’ll help you measure them all and, in the process, understand where to focus your training and communications costs.

Speech Writing

Speech looming?  Relax, we’ll write it for you!  Working with you to create a script to give you confidence and create impact.  If you have already written a draft, send it through and we’ll review it for free, recommending how you we might be able to take it up a notch.

Business Writing

We can write anything for you, from web copy and white papers to new report templates, articles and emails.  We can also edit your work to give it that extra polish and ensure that it aligns with your company’s brand and tone of voice.

Coaching & Courses

We run coaching session for individuals looking to improve their public speaking or writing and group sessions to develop the ‘art of persuasion’.

The Briefing Course

To brief effectively, you need to go beyond the basics of communicating. It’s about putting yourself in the leaders shoes, asking and answering difficult questions, and being ruthless about prioritising the information you put in front of them.

Outsourcing your communications to us

We can become your external ‘in-house’ team, providing all the communications expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of a senior member of staff.  We can also help train-up and mentor a junior colleague.