Prize winning news!

Cicero speechwriting awards

We are delighted to have won ‘gold’ at the Cicero Speechwriting awards for 2024.

The speech we submitted was written by Ben Timpson for Faz Aftab – a genuine visionary leader and an extraordinary communicator.  This won the ‘tech’ category at the awards.

The award was particularly rewarding because we have, for many years, spoken passionately about the importance of ‘translating’ technical information into clear, simple, relevant speeches that can inspire and educate.  This speech eschewed lists and detail in favour of story-telling and audience benefit.  Faz has received outstanding feedback.  We are so proud to have worked with her (and grateful that she has allowed us to share the speech as it was written with our normal levels of discretion!).

Congratulations to Faz, Ben and the team!