Speech Writing

Speech Writing

Great Communication began as a speech writing business.  For over fifteen years we have written for Heads of State, CEO’s, keynote speakers, motivators, educators, fundraisers, Liverymen and private individuals speaking at weddings, funerals and a vast range of social occasions.  We are particularly proud of the TED and TEDx talks we have created for clients all over the world, many of which have gone ‘viral’.

Our service is discreet and personal. We like to speak to every client (in person if possible), although we understand how best to work via trusted advisors.

It is important to understand our remit. Some clients engage us simply to utilise our speech writing skills. Others ask for our strategic input on messaging and tone. Some haven’t yet started, others want us to polish a draft that is already written.

Fundamentally, we do not believe that speech writing is complicated. Typically, it’s the opposite. Great speeches simplify, demystify and translate. They focus on key messages rather than detail. They demonstrate the power of story telling. They link seamlessly rather than listing key points.  They bring a smile to the most complex of subjects.

We help clients see through the fog of detail, the stress of deadlines and the fear of public speaking.  We will match you with the member of our team who provides the best fit for your subject, style and tone.

Ultimately, we are passionate about helping clients give brilliant speeches.  We also provide coaching and training courses to help you master the arts of speech writing and delivery.