Here at Great Speech Writing, we’re proud to receive fantastic feedback from the clients we work with. Every speech is written in the strictest confidence and so we cannot send sample extracts, but we hope these recent testimonials from our clients suggest how we might be able to help you. Every quote has been sent to us in writing.


“It really is perfect. Thanks so much. ”
SL, Political, September 2020

“This is absolutely perfect as it is, I love it!
Thanks so much, you’ve done a fantastic job really.”
LM, Political, February 2019

“Wow. Wonderful!”
LS, Political, February 2019

“Love it.  Absolutely love it. Brilliant speech.”
TH, September 2018

“Just a short note to let you know that my speech went down a storm at the  ceremony on Saturday.  Lots of people congratulated me on my content and delivery.”
CM, September 2018

It was the talk of the night, so thanks so much. Your words were beautiful – prosaic. It worked perfectly. Thanks so much it made such a difference to him.”
DP, June 2018

“It was truly great! We had at the end of the event about 20 people coming to us, all saying not “I want to ask you this” but “very good speech and presentation”. It went really really well! Thank you for all the help you’ve provided.”
MA, Nov 2017

“That’s absolutely brilliant.” 
TH, Aug 2017

“The speech went very well and it was a real right choice to get your help. I will be in touch in future.”
ML, Jun 2017

“Been told my speech was the best in living memory. Just so you know !”
TH, Jun 2017

“Just a short note to say that my speech went down really well, had loads of compliments – so thank you very  much for all your help and assistance.”
JM, May 2017

“My meeting went very well! I was amazed at how captivated the team was. Thank you once again.”
MU, May 2017

“It was a tough one to crack this time! The troops were demotivated the days before, but this speech did the trick.  Left a great feeling in the room.  So a million thanks as ever.”
Sue S, June 2015

“Went down a storm.   Amazing rally.  Speech perfect, thanks. Thanks for your time as always.
Liz T, April 2015

“Lawrence –this, as always, is just perfect and is such a great help.”
Elizabeth S, April 2015

Toyin O, January 2015

“A man who I had never previously met came up to me afterwards and said he had attended events at the Guild Hall for over 50 years and this was the best speech he had ever heard. I am sure you will understand why I didn’t name drop you at that point. Thanks again for everything.”
Tim H, September 2014

“Congrats are the order of the day! What a powerful and well informed speech from a diplomat who is both master of his brief and who presented
a series of highly complex issues in such a precise and succinct way!”

RA, Nov 2013

“Hi Lawrence, this is A***. The ideas are truly mind-blowing. I read in shock at the foresight and can’t wait to pass this on. Looking forward to writing the budget speech.”
TO, Oct 2013

“A big ‘thank you’ yet again for going beyond the call of duty and for the quality of your writing and strategic thinking. The speech has helped to break through barriers – it had a message and that had been absent in his previous speeches. I am so excited about the future! With your help we are transforming a politician into a statesman.”
Anon, June 2013


“Huge thanks for today Anna – it has inspired me to think more about “story telling” in order to get points across – I will definitely be tapping into this in the next couple of months!”
KI, Training Course, March 2024

“Thanks again for such a fab session. You are seriously good at what you do, I may well reach out to you outside of work in the near future!”
NM, Corporate Training session, Feb 2024

“Thanks for a great day Anna, I really enjoyed and learnt so much more than I thought I would.”
SH, Corporate Training, Feb 2024

“Thanks so much for today! I took all your ideas into my first meeting this morning and nailed it!”
HW, Corporate Training, Jan 2024

“Thank you so much for a great session Anna, it was so helpful. It’s very rare I get a chance to review my writing and I’ve definitely got more tricks up my sleeve now.”
AF, Writing Course, June 2024

“It’s been absolutely brilliant working with you all this year. You’re a wonderful team (and wonderful people!) and the work you’ve completed for us can’t be understated – we get an incredible amount of feedback on how far we’ve pushed our resources forward this year and we wouldn’t have been able to do that without all of your creative support.”
DN, Corporate Training and Copywriting, Sep 2023

“I’d like to thank you for helping me to fight against my fear of public speaking. The 3 ish hours of lessons with you was a game changer.  It sounds like I am overdoing it but it meant a lot to me. I’ve never had that kind of confidence before and each time I am speaking in front of an audience it seemed like the world would stop.

With what you taught me, now I am starting to feel more comfortable, confident to speak my mind and less fear of judgements.”
TL, Corporate Training, Jun 23

“Working with Lawrence was the best decision I could have made! The speech was a massive hit and all day, I had people coming up to me saying how it blew them away! I am so grateful and will definitely be back in touch for my next event!”
EP, Corporate, Mar 23

“I love this! Best birthday present ever to wake up to! WOW! Thank you. It’s got so much more punch than I had in the original.”
LA, copywriting, Mar 23

“Thank you very much for the assistance given to me both in writing my speech and for coaching me to deliver it. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues in the future.”
SM, Coaching and Corp, Mar 23

“Great to chat earlier, and great job on the web copy. You have incredible talent to be able to write the way you do, and I’m glad to have you on board.”
CM, Web copy, Feb 2023

“Another brilliant article!”
JJ, Copywriting, Nov 22

“As usual the speech was a knock out. Dolan is a rare talent and I am grateful.”
AB, Corporate, Nov 22

“The event last night went brilliantly! Thank you for all your help with it.” 
AC, Corporate, Oct 22

“Thanks very much for yesterday. I went round everyone left in the office yesterday and all the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was really impressed with you personally too.”
KD, Corp Training Oct 2022

“I just wanted to write a quick email expressing extreme gratitude for the training you gave us today. You are incredibly brilliant at what you do and this was one of the most insightful experiences I have had so far. I saw so much growth in how I presented and carried myself within the time we chatted, and you provided such great insight that I will not only be able to use during my time at XXX but in all my future interactions with those around me. The work that you do is so incredibly important for people to become the best version of yourselves and I want you to know that its valuable and appreciated!”
FB, Corporate training, Sep 2022

“Thank you for your splendid and thought provoking Newsletter! ” 
JJ, Dec 2021

“Lawrence, you have made not just my day but my whole month. I’m so glad you understood what I was trying to do. It’s perfect.”
AR, Dec 2021

“You’ve really done me proud. Can’t wait to get it live now. I’ll certainly come back to you if I require further copy. “
VM, Web copy, Mar 2021

“The website looks marvellous! I love the positioning statement, the simplicity, language, tone of voice and customer focussed approach. I can really see “you on a page” – it is totally unlike any other Financial Services website I have seen.”
NW, Copywriting, Feb 2021

“Another inspired brilliant Newsletter! It is clear you have done a lot of delving and groundwork – “bien fait” and the result has paid off!”
JJ, Copywriting, Feb 2021

“Lawrence, It’s terrific…..I love it.”
ID, Corporate, Dec 2020

“Hey Lawrence – I really like it! You always get it right.”
FH, Corporate, Dec 2020

“Thanks for the great work, I really like it and will be updating my website soon.”
PC, Web copy, Dec 2020

“Thanks again for all your help with putting the script together. I really enjoyed the storytelling, preparing and giving the presentation! It was so much fun and got great feedback:)”
ES, Presentation, Nov 2020

“I really like it – it’s very good. First time I’ve said that about copy someone has created for me in a very long time.”
RC, Copywriting, October 2020

“Lawrence this is amazing. It really is and I can’t thank you enough for your friendliness, expertise and skill.”
SG, Copywriting, September 2020

“Thanks for a super morning. The session was ace and it definitely exceeded expectations. Looking forward to embedding these principles into our new reports”
CH, Course, September 2020

“I suspect that you knew it would be an amazing speech. It truly was. The feedback I got was really moving and I was told that it was particularly impactful and timely. I really couldn’t have wished for more. Thank you once again.”
BT, July 2020

“I LOVED the session today!”
Course Attendee, Course, March 2020

“I did my talk and workshop yesterday and my personal story was awesome. It totally captivated the audience. Huge thanks for your help with this.”
GD, Corporate, March 2020

“You have such a gift with words and thank you hugely for turning it around so quickly.”
GE, Corporate, Feb 2020

“The course was very useful for highlighting common pitfalls with speech writing – which I currently make – and for correcting them. It was pitched at a good level.”
Scottish Parliament, Corporate course, Feb 2020

“Very nice words and it brought a tear to my eyes too.”
LS, Retirement, Feb 2020

“I got a standing ovation!!!!!!!!!! Dolan Rocks!!!!!!” 
AB, Corporate, Feb 2020

“I think this speech is something that can be built on and cherished in the years to come.”
AP, Livery, Jan 2020

“Thank you for your support this year, Dolan. It made a real difference.”
BT, Corporate, November 2019

“This is exactly what we were looking for.  Thanks very much for this.”
DE, Corporate, October 19

“Thank you once again for your great work! Your editing really improved the readability of the two case descriptions. It was great that you could help us with such short notice.”
TB, Corporate, October 2019

“Wow, this is something special. What an 1,800 words to read”
PF, September 2019

“Please do convey my deepest sincere appreciation and thanks to your staff. I think the work you do is amazing and I wish you every success.”
AA, August 2019

“Thanks again Lawrence, I do appreciate the fact you always go above and beyond.”
PF, Corporate – Motivational, June 2019

“Thanks for today which was incredibly helpful and feedback was brilliant!”
CO (Network Rail), Apr 2019

“You are my super star. A big thank you, this is sooooo good!”
AM, April 2019

“Thank you! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply…. all down to your brilliant writing. You have a real skill sir!”
CW April 2019

“You may have seen already that our submission for the XXX Award won at Thursday night’s award ceremony. We’re over the moon!! So thank you Dolan for all your help with the submission. Your winning streak continues!”
AE, March 2019

“Alys. The speech is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much.  Gosh you’re talented. I wanted to cry!”
SM, March 2019

I am delighted with the content. I very much enjoy working with you.”
LD,  February 2019

“Just to say the speeches went down really well! Thank you so much for your fantastic work.”
YM, November 2018

“The event and my speech went well thank you. My speech was well received.  People loved the way the separate elements of the speech wove together elegantly. Thank you for your help!”
KB, November 2018

“Thank you, it is excellent. I like the way it flows.”
AA, September 2018

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the speech, which was well received last Saturday. I delivered it almost word for word and it received an enthusiastic applause and several people came up to me afterwards to say that it ‘’struck a chord”
SB, September 2018

“I really really like what you have done. In fact I love it. You really are a genius.”
KH, June 2018

“Thanks to Lawrence and Alys for coming and delivering such an AMAZING training. I think we all learned a lot from you guys (including myself). Let’s see if I loose my fears and use it in a near future… It was a really pleasure meeting you guys and learning from you. Looking forward to working again soon with you! It has been super successful!”
CMP, Apr 2018

“I thought I would just drop you a belated note to let you know Cxxx aced the speech.  It flowed really well, it was a really refreshing part of the day – there were many talks of a high quality, and they were all really similar.  Thanks for mobilising so quickly and doing what you always do.”
CB, Mar 2018

“I got some really amazing feedback and one guy asked if I’d speak at another conference  he was organising! I just wanted to thank you and Alys for your help and guidance. It would definitely not have been as professional, structured or coherent if I’d done it myself! Thank you!”
MO, Feb 2018

“I’ve really, really enjoyed working with you on this. I’m totally confident that it will be fantastic! Thank you again – from the bottom of my heart – for how you jumped-in and did so much with this. I could not have done it without you – and I can’t wait to tackle the next one (hopefully with more notice!!!)”
JJ, Jan 2018

“Super Lawrence. Script and pictures worked a dream!!”
SC, Jan 2018

“The speech was very well received, everybody lived it. We also really appreciated working with you. You did an excellent job! Thank you!! And I would personally love to work with you again.”
HT, Dec 2017

“Thank you for the amazing work! “
HB, Dec 2017

“That is great and spot on. Thank you as always.”
LS, Oct 2017

“I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support with the event.  You truly are the most brilliant writer and it was an honour and privilege to work with you.” 
NL Oct 2017

“I loved what you did for the Gxxx project and will most certainly come to you again for anything along those lines.  Stay in touch.”
Rebecca, Oct 2017

“The tone and balance is perfect.”
KS Sep 2017

“The speech went very well. It was said to be the best one on that night.”
Alice, Sep 2017

“Sky News voted our speech the best of the conference.  Thank you so much.”
LS, Sep 2017

“It was fantastic. You saved the day.”
KH, Sep 2017

“It’s really quite an experience to have an audience so focused on what you say. Thank you so much I could not have done it without you.”
DK, Sep 2017

“That’s GREAT! I’m smiling!!!”
Tim W, Jul 2017

“I delivered the speech on Saturday and it went down an absolute storm. You really captured how I speak (and what I wanted to convey) and it really set the tone for the evening. I will be in contact later in the month about how we can work further together.”
KH, July 2017

“You have a precious gift Lawrence, I am so happy to collaborate with you.”
AA, Apr 2017

“It went very well – thank you very much . I have had numerous compliments since.”
AM, Apr 2017

“Perfect, as always. Many, many thanks.”
MG,  Apr 2017

“Thank you again for all your great work – you’ve made such a difference. I would have no hesitation in recommending your brilliant services again, particularly your ideas around internal communication which is lacking in so many organisations.”
Matt A, Mar 2017

“Would not know what to say without you, you are so important to us and indeed always look forward to seeing what will be your next speech for us.”
AM, Dec 2016

“The editing of my speech was really useful and I got really good feedback from colleagues. I will definitely contact you in the future for similar services.”
TB, Dec 2016

“Excellent, thanks – yes works much better the way you’ve done it. Definitely best speech ever!”
MV, Sep 2016

“Thanks for your work on the script. We all feel the video has a very clear message which is delivered perfectly by the script.”
SK, August 2016

“Thanks for all your work Lawrence. I enjoyed the process . When I find myself speaking regularly (and hopefully without powerpoint) I know exactly where to come!”
KW, August 2016

“The rebrand blog is phenomenal.  Many thanks!”
JD, July 2016

“Great!!! Even with practically zero direction, you got what we are going for.  I absolutely love the opening and it’s 100% the right direction”
SB, June 2016

“This is just perfect. Thank you again”
AM, May 2016

“The speech went well. I’ll modestly say it was the best of the event. Thank you for the preparation.”
DH, March 2016

“All went very well. Very well received. Got many plaudits and was told I was the best by far. I was one among many good speakers, but the biggest cheese of them all came up after and asked me if he could have a copy of the speech as he was so blown away. Knocked it out of the park again.”
Neil A, February 2016

“Huge success!!!!!!!  I was told by the organisers my speech was not only the best but the one that best encapsulated the spirit of TED!! Well done and thank you so much for your help.”
PB, February 2016

“At first reading………..Absolutely brilliant!!!! Couple of small things I may want to change but overall, brilliant!”
Patrick D, February 2016

“Thank you so much Jack/Dolan for your services. The speech went down very well and I will definitely use your services again when the
opportunity arises.”
Selma, January 2016

“The speech was great and was well received – unfortunately, I felt very self conscious and therefore nervous when I was about 75% through the speech – hence I was disappointed with me although I don’t think anyone noticed! The content was excellent and as always – thank you! I will be back for more!”
Kevin C, January 2016

“Please also send my great thanks to Sarah for doing such an amazing job on my debut speech!!”
Amber C, January 2016

“Thanks Lawrence, this is perfect.  Life saver!
Tracie L, October 2015

“I wanted to thank you for the advert rewrite – I would say amendments, but you completely changed it for the better!  It sounds fantastic and I plan on using it shortly.”
Lauren B, July 2015

“Thanks so much for this. I appreciate you moving things around and I’m delighted with the enclosed. It reads really well and while I understand your comments, I think this will land really well with my industry colleagues.  I really like what you’ve done with this, thank you.”
Garry S, April 2015

“Just wanted to share some feedback – Kevin was absolutely glowing today after a great presentation in Zurich. Our head of Swiss sales declared it ‘perfect’ – unheard of in terms of positive feedback! We are all looking forward to taking it further. Thanks!”
Emma F, February 2015

“Brilliant work, and so quick… quite how you do it scares me slightly!”
Ben S, February 2015

“Lawrence, Your coaching yesterday was brilliant – thank you so much. I’m looking forward to reporting back on future success!”
Gilly J, February 2015

“I just wanted to say that the speech went very well, once again! I am so pleased I found you guys and will let you know as soon as I know
that I have another speech coming up. Again, thank you so much for your excellent help.”

Kevin M, February 2015

“The annual review got a great response. It was excellent. It’s going to be a big year next year, and I’ll be back with a lot of speeches!”
Fadi Q, December 2014

“Lawrence, All went really well, thanks to you. We even got a nice piece in the Times!”
Miles Webber, Global Government Affairs & Policy Operations
Leader at GE (General Electric)
October 2014

“The speech went really well. Thank you all. Really impressed by how professional you are. Would highly recommend you to anyone. Will use you
again if I ever have to do another one! Or have anything script oriented. Thanks again.”

Jamie H, September 2014

“Genuinely excellent. Wonderful structure and theme – great historical research – super quotations. Amazing! Balance is great.”
Phil O – Aug 2014

“This is superb. Light years on from the drivel we usually kick out at town hall type event.”
Jeremy K, August 2014

“Dear Lawrence, I want to thank you for the write up of the speech, you did a commendable job. It was both enjoyable and informative. The speech managed to capture the interest of everyone quickly and until the very end. I have received very positive comments from those who attended the meeting. They really enjoyed the speech and found the information to be very valuable. Once again, thank you for your prompt response and excellent writing making my presentation a great success.” Your knowledge and hard work are very much appreciated and hopefully
soon will be used again.”

Omar A, July 2014

“I gave the presentation at our executive meeting today. Within minutes my boss received a text from our executive commercial director to say it was the best presentation he had sat through. Thanks to you.”
Peter H – May 2014

“Lawrence, Thanks for this. The content/direction is excellent and you have hit the purpose of the business on the head.”
Julian Davies – Feb 2014

“Wow. This is brilliant. Thank you. I can’t wait to deliver it now.”
Helen S – Jul 2013

“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you both for your help with my speech. The wedding went well – people were particularly complimentary about the clarity of the speech so your ability to edit it into shorter, snappier language with obvious pauses really made a difference. It certainly received a good number of laughs as well so overall I was very pleased.”
Ian B – May 2013

“An outstanding level of service and an equally outstanding speech. Thoroughly impressed with everything you have done as my business speech
writer. Thank you!”

Garry S – May 2013

Motivational & After Dinner

“The help I received was tailored to my needs and helped me put together some very difficult concepts in a clear way.”
AR, academic presentation,  Nov 23

“I cannot recommend Ben  more strongly. While I am generally comfortable with public speaking, this was a special occasion. I was very anxious that the speech would be flat, uninspiring, too dry, too repetitive. Ben was truly outstanding.  He was available 24/7, at short notice, and helped me rehearse and perfect the delivery. The result was very well received and, quite rarely, even my wife liked it!”
SL, academic speech, Sep 23

“We did it! The Ted talk was a complete success! I was able to channel my magic and deliver the performance I’ve always dreamed of. It was a complete and utter success, and I cannot wait for you to see it! The feedback has been extraordinary thus far, and I have a strong suspicion that this will resonate with many people.  I’ve already had a business owner approach me to help her land, write, and deliver a Ted Talk.  Thank you again!!!”
DK, Ted talk, Mar 23

“I love the direction this is heading in.”
RA, Motivational speech, Sep 22

“Absolutely love it! A million thank yous. Super happy right now “
DC, TED talk, Sep 22

“I cannot thank Lawrence enough, he turned my ideas and thoughts into an incredible keynote speech. He is simply amazing.”
TW, After dinner speech, Sep 22

Your experience and words allied to Alys’ polishing , created a great result if today’s incoming comments and emails are believable! Well done indeed. Hugely pleased. ”
DB, Livery and Coaching, January 2020

“Just to say happy new year, Lawrence. And a huge thank you for everything you did for me in the decade. The speeches were brilliant and nothing was too much trouble for you. I can’t thank you enough. “
RM, Livery, January 2020

“I am hugely impressed with the quality of your service, and will definitely use yourselves again.”
IB Retirement, February 2019

“Thank You for all your professional help.”
MP, Retirement, January 2019

“This is absolutely brilliant! Love it!”
KP, January 2019

“I’ve just given it a first read…and I just love it. You are a star.”
JF, Sept 2018

“Absolutely loved giving this speech.  700 senior medical professionals present.  Went down an absolute storm.”
TH, Dec 2017

“It’s a brilliant speech!”
HS, Oct 2017

“Got it, read it, LOVED IT!”
TW, Jun 2017

“This is great – it’s much simpler and reads well with a clear message…. thanks for taking the time to get it to this point!”
AR, Jun 2017

“Lawrence, I am very happy with it.  I feel that I can deliver it easily, it will flow from me naturally.  The first person I read it to was moved to tears and it will ‘strike a chord’ in people’s hearts…Which is of course my original mission.  Lawrence, you are very gifted in writing speeches, there is no doubt about that !”
AA, Mar 2017

“Thank you very much Dolan. My speech went very well, everyone said it was positioned just right and it flowed fantastically. Thank you.”
Philip M, January 2015

“So the speech… I flipping nailed it, or should I say WE nailed it! They were laughing at bits I hadn’t intended them to laugh at and I had to wait multiple times for the laughter to simmer. There was so much laughter I could barely finish it, I was chuckling too but managed to get the final toast part in then sat to waves of congratulations, it was awesome!! Thanks so much guys, just knowing it had been worked on by professionals gave me the confidence to deliver it with style. Thanks again – no doubt we’ll work together again in the future!”
Ben D, November 2014

“I just wanted to say how well the speech went on Saturday night. It was an incredible night and nearly everyone told me it was either the best speech they had heard or one of the best !! Thank you so much for setting the tone and humour just right and understanding my audience and the message I wanted to convey. A very happy client!”
Patrick S, October 2014

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your support and assistance. Without it, it would have been a disaster! After
a few laughs I settled down and the speech seemed to go down well. I will definitely be in touch for any other speeches I need to do and will of course recommend you to others. Thanks again!”

Joe C, September 2014

“Hi Lawrence. I am really chuffed with the way my speech went. Lots and lots of people congratulated me on it and there were many tears and laughter at the appropriate moments during it from the audience. I honestly don’t think it could have been much better. Your content was brilliant and your patience with someone who finds this difficult was great. Thanks again and I will be back should I need to do another public speech in the future.”
Stuart D, August 2014

“Hi Lawrence, Just a quick thank you for all your help with the speech. It seemed to go down very well. People laughed at the right places and
were very complimentary afterwards.

Chris G – May 2013

Charity & Fundraising

“The speech went very well! It hit the right note and resonated with many people.”
VI, March 2019

Thank you so so much for how you were able to word my ramblings! It was amazing and the speech went down so so well – everyone was just delighted…and so was I.”
JF, September 2018

“I think you’ve done great work!! Really, really good. Well done!”
SF, July 2018

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for coming in yesterday, it was incredibly useful and from a Development perspective in particular, your insight was invaluable. It’s sparked some good conversation internally and I know that we’re all itching to go out and test it out! ”
Hayley Murphy, Head of Development, Institute of Imagination, March 2018

“Thank you all for making this an incredible night and thank you again for a speech well done.”
BW, March 2018

“I would like to send my sincere heartfelt thanks for everything.  The speech was not only impactful, but more importantly it touched the hearts of many.  It educated so many about the cause of our charity.  Many people came up to me and told me they were in tears.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you on behalf of our charity because it means so much for our beneficiaries.”
CL, March 2018

“Thanks for everything you’ve done for the business and for me personally in 2015. I was very pleased with this year’s speech, which was very well received by many. You brilliantly managed to take my thoughts and sentiments and weave them into a very thought provoking speech – a great piece of work – well done!”
Neil A, December 2015

“You are amazing – I think it is spot on! Thank you.”
CK, December 2015

This is really helpful. Your superhero magic has taken us out of the rut we were in. Lovely to work with you. Thank you so much.
S Boyd, September 2015

“This is exactly what I had in mind and absolutely should be a crowd puller. Thank you!”
Louise B, January 2015

“Hi Lawrence, The speech went really well! I got loads of plaudits and people came up to me after to congratulate me and ask for a transcript! It was a big stage with loads of lights – very BAFTA-esque! – but it went really well and I felt totally confident. The words were fantastic, so I have you to thank.”
Liam T, December 2014

“Hi Dolan, Thank you so much – I think it’s perfect! The final draft will be published without amendments. I can’t find the words to describe this.
So moving.”

Sian V, September 2014


“This was a great session and Lawrence was a really engaging coach, so thank you very much to him for taking the time to provide such tailored coaching.”
LL, Corporate Course, March 2024

“Just a quick note to say thank you very much indeed for the excellent training yesterday! The training was really enjoyable and incredibly useful, and I feel much more confident about going out to give talks to our clients now. It was very satisfying to notice my improvement over the course of the session!”
JS, Corporate Course, Mar 24

“Thank you Anna for another fantastic training course. Feel very inspired to put the ideas and suggestions into practice.”
DM, Corporate Training, Feb 2024

“From the outset, you and the team demonstrated a commitment to understanding our specific needs. You took the time to consult with us, gained insights into our requirements (including understanding our organisation, stakeholders, templates, pinch points etc), and then tailored the training accordingly. This personalized touch set the stage for a highly effective and relevant learning experience.”
EO, Corporate Training, Jan 24

“I just wanted to write a quick email expressing extreme gratitude for the training you gave us today. You are incredibly brilliant at what you do and this was one of the most insightful experiences I have had so far. I saw so much growth in how I presented and carried myself within the time we chatted, and you provided such great insight that I will not only be able to use during my time at XXX but in all my future interactions with those around me. The work that you do is so incredibly important for people to become the best version of yourselves and I want you to know that its valuable and appreciated!”
FB, Corporate training, Sep 2022

“I just wanted to say thank you again for running the training sessions this week.  I know I speak for the whole team when I say they were great sessions and will be incredibly helpful in helping us all to better manage and facilitate discussions with tricky customers.”
UO, Corporate training, Jul 2022

 “I have to say, I have been really impressed with everything Lawrence and the whole team have done to support us – you aren’t just experts in comms, you absolutely understand our business and the challenges it brings and that really is half the battle.”
SD, Corporate training, Jun 2022

“Feedback was very positive, everyone I spoke to about the event found it particularly interesting and helpful. It was certainly well received and I think its application to most of what the attendees do day in day out was key.”
AJ, Corporate training, Jun 2021

“Thank you. Your contribution was immense!”
HS, Corporate training, Nov 2020

“I cannot express strongly enough how much one hour coaching with you helped me in my reading.  Everything you taught me, worked. From being a story teller not a speech giver; to looking forward to it, enjoying it and being excited rather than nervous about it; from the way to emphasise and contrast certain words and extend vowels; to the physical breathing and warming up exercises. Thank you for giving me the confidence and ability to do so.”
BH, Coaching, Jan 2020

“The course was very interesting and educational. One of the best and most enjoyable courses I have attended.”
NR Course, Nov 19

“I thought it was excellent. One of the best courses I have attended. Really practical and quality advice that can be actioned.”
FO Course, Oct 19

“I really felt I learnt something tangible  that I can try to implement.”
FO Course, Oct 19

“Alys, I wanted to say thank you so much for all of the help with everything. I really appreciate that you took the time to give me helpful, individual feedback and encouraged me to be myself. You were a very good teacher. I had a great time and it meant a lot to me.”
RV Course, Oct 19

“Alys was fantastic by the way and would like to work with her again for my general presentation skills.”
AO, Sep 2019

“Just a bit of feedback to say that Lawrence was excellent and did a really great job.”
Balfour Beatty Corporate Communications Course, March 2019

“Thanks Lawrence! Happy with this! Alys was totally brilliant!”
SM, March 2019

“I think you have taken us as far as you can…we’ll do the rest!  It has been a lot of fun and both you and Alys have been fantastic.”
DD,  September 2018

“Thank you ever so much for yesterday’s session, I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful. I will definitely take on board all of the above, and will be working on my camera skills.”
MB, Dec 2017

“I loved it – that was AWESOME!  Please pass on my deepest gratitude, I so enjoyed it :)”
Tim W, Oct 2017

“Just a note to say thank you for your work with the speakers for the seminar yesterday evening.  They all performed great. The feedback verbally was superb. The speakers too found the 1 to 1 sessions very helpful so all in all a big thank you from us. Look forward to working with you again.”
MC, Apr 2017

“Thank you again for the excellent session yesterday. I found the principles’ refresher in the morning very helpful (I could have done with it in my first job 6 years ago!). The afternoon emphasis on tone was especially relevant to me and something I have immediately started to consider more when writing.”
AT, Dec 2016

“Thank you for the excellent training session yesterday. I feel that I learnt a lot and you certainly gave me a fresh perspective on how to better write executive correspondence. I am sure that others will find it useful as you roll it out next year.”
PL,  Dec 2016

“Thank you so much for another excellent session on Thursday evening. I could see that you had a captivated audience and everyone will have taken away some really good tips.”
TP, May 2016

“You rocked! All the staff that I have spoken to have commented on your prowess as a facilitator and ability to think on your feet. Looking forward to dazzling you with our progress.”
David N, May 2016

“Today was so valuable – It was simply astounding to watch you transform people in an hour. I’m still buzzing from it and have practiced my speech 5 times so far!!”
Chana K, April 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think it was his relaxed style, not formulaic approach i.e. no flip chart etc. and he encouraged a really grown up/open arena for feedback.  It just really hit the mark and certainly gave me some valuable tips for future presenting
MS, November 2015

“Hi Lawrence. Have had amazing feedback from yesterday. Everybody extremely positive about how much they got from yesterday and the overall experience. So thank you.”
Tina D, March 2015

“Really excited about our collaboration. I always love the training, and with your amazing help I’m constantly getting better at conveying my core messages and improving my business presence and influence!”
Tony P, November 2014

“Hi Lawrence, Your ears must have been burning during our directors meeting. It was unanimous that they want you back (and the ones who missed out last time desperately now want in!)”
Sarah C, July 2014